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    Solved [Solved] Hotkey opens menu item and executes chanel switch

    Is there a way to disable hotkeys for menu items.
    Because when I press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<W> it switches me to a specific chanel, but it also opens up the Whisper List window.

    Now this would be fine if I didn't had a hotkey binding for it but since I have it. It's annoying that that window is coming up.

    Now this only happens when TS3 has focus.
    But is there a setting or could it be made that menu-hotkeys are disabled.
    A setting that when a user hotkey is defined the menu hotkey is disabled.

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    Sorry for the late response but no, there isn't a way to disable these to my knowledge. These are hard coded into the software and there isn't a way to change it at the moment.

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    Sorry for my late reply cause I was on vacation.

    But ok thats fine.
    But maybe it is something to work on for a future release.

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