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    Need to get the second newest client update!? :(


    I have problems with connection to the ts3 server where all my teammates are on.

    I downloaded the client from the website, but it's to new..
    The server we use is for the second most recent client..

    How do I get the second newest client?

    This is something you should think about, you should have access to the 3 latest client versions... not all ppl upgrade their servers right away..

    Glad for quick help, thanks!

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    Have you kept the download of your previous version ?

    If not =>

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    Quote Originally Posted by fladdra View Post
    not all ppl upgrade their servers right away..
    But this is not good. Using beta software should always force you to use the latest version for security reasons.

    But you can still get all previous versions from FTP server:
    Of course for all versions you must accept this EULA.

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