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    Virtual Server Management

    Hi i upgraded to Beta23 and i cannot manage other Virual servers all the permissions are light grey why i try and grant the permissions it says insufficient permission modify power How can i do this so i can make other Server?

    Thanks for help


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    What is your server group in your beta23 server ?

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    im in the Server admin group i used the token when you start the server in linux.

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    As SA you can only manage the server you are granted SA.
    And only those options, that are enabled for SA to edit.
    To edit all servers you need ServerQuery Access.

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    login vi Telnet in your ts3 server and give your new Database ID Serveradmin rights.

    I don't know why but after every TS3 Update only i get a new Database ID and that is the reason why i doesn't get SA rights.

    So do it like me and i think you can manage again yor server.

    All information you need for it you can find on the Documentation.


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