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    Exclamation hotkey for whisperlist not working when TS3 in background

    Hello @all

    i have the following problem with TS3 on my new iMac.

    the hotkey for my whisperlist ($) only works when the Ts3 window is "activ". as soon as i start working with some other application (say firefox) the hotkey stops working.

    you can imagine that it's quite impractical always having to switch to the TS3 window to whisper something...

    hope that someone knows an answer!

    did try it with several different hotkeys btw.

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    Most programs take over the assignment to certain hot keys. I had this problem until I set my PTT keys to my extra mouse buttons.

    But with a Mac, this is even harder with no extra mouse buttons. But you could try and set the HotKey to Shift + MouseButton, or something like that.

    Hope this helps ya out.

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