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    Solved [solved] Voice goes away!

    Hello guys, first text is in bad english, after that the german text is following.

    my mate have the problem, he speaks normally.. all can hear him.. and after a while (5mins or longer, not at the beginning! there it works fine!) all in the channel cant hear him. his speaking-light is "blinking" but the voice is hidden.

    after a normal reconnect it works fine again, for 5 mins

    whats the problem? can he fix it?
    he got windows XP
    C-Media PCI Audio Device

    *** german part deleted ***
    *** This forum is english only! ***

    greetings birdy
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    Can he hear himself talking under test voice?
    Please let him try to disbale "Remove background noise" under Settings > Options > Capture / Advanced Options.

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    k this helps! thanks a lot. but his voice is a BIT only a BIT lower than before.. but i think we will get over this

    thank you

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