A Wonderful afternoon,

So I have an wired problem
I have used Linux Server at least 4 years
and just thought hey you should use a Desktop System to.

So i picket ubuntu Linux 10 cause my teacher say it's worth it

Now i have a big issue with the Sound on my Teamspeak 3 Client
I can hear anyone but can't Speak .

I have already try to deinstall pulse audio but with no effect so I reinstalled.
I have tryed asas in the config but with no effect i have absolutely no idea why it's so.

I have this Problem only With teamspeak 3 my Voice Recorde Works properly on Linux.

Windows 7 P X64 (Original)
Ubuntu 10 x64 (Got 12 GB RAM)
(Before any commends say uhh why do you need 12 GB RAM it's because i used Renderman for Maya for work / 3DSMAX / Vue 8 X / CS5)

Onboard Sound
ma770t-ud3p from Gigabyde ( Motherboard)
12GB DDR3-OCZ 99912
AMD X4 3,2Ghz

I hope you guys can help me
I am a newbie with Linux and hope you will be gentle with me xD