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    ToDo List [On Todo] [Suggestons] Numerous!

    Channel Icons

    Consider custom icons for channels that replace the left icon, as opposed to just placing an icon far to the right. For the record, we do appreciate the right icon as well.

    Channel Spacers

    Ability to place a dividing line between groups of channels so it can be easily seen that the channels are related or unrelated.

    Move Server Groups

    Currently, if you change the order of a server group it will change the order of how its icon appears for those who are assigned to the group. Right now, all new server groups that have icons assigned to them will have the icon appear to the farthest right. What if you want to specifically have an icon appear to the left...or three icon-spaces from the right? With this feature you can create a server group with an icon and place it anywhere you'd like.

    Copy & Paste Server Group Permissions

    Ability to copy the permissions of one server group and paste them into the other. For security purposes, this ability must include a new permission that grants this ability.

    Copy & Paste Server Group Members

    Ability to copy the member list of one server group and paste/import them into another. For security purposes, this ability must include a new permission that grants this ability.

    Change Another Client's Default Channel (Point of Entry)

    Add permission to allow a server group with this permission to change the default channel of another client. This allows the ability for administrators, clan officers, etc., to "control the flow of traffic".

    Change Another Client's Phonetic Name

    Add permission to allow a server group with this permission to change the phonetic name of another client whether they are online or offline. Currently, if someone puts their clan tag into their nickname the phonetic name will be pronounced with it included. This is annoying and it is time consuming to tell and make sure that every clan member has made the appropriate change.

    Server Group Phonetic Name

    Ability for server groups to have their own phonetic name. Also, the phonetic name field is too short. You cannot for instance put "Lieutenant Commander John Smith". With this feature, the sever groups phonetic name would stack. Smith is assigned to the "Army Branch" server group and "Lieutenant Commander". Now when he joins a channel, it will automatically announce him as "Army Lieutenant Commander John Smith" if you wanted it to.

    Additional Text-to-Speech Voices Per Server Group

    Instead of maybe having all your guild members put their character class at the tail end of their phonetic name (and of the record, four periods .... causes a short pause), such as "Lethal Louie .... Rogue", you can now not only assign a phonetic nickname to a server group and change the order of when the nickname will be announced in relationship to other server groups with other phonetic nicknames that the client might be in, but the server groups can have a voice assigned to them. With ten or twenty different voices to choose from, you wouldn't necessarily even have to have a phonetic name associated with the "Rogue" server group. Instead, you just assign Lethal Lou to the Rogue server group and it will automatically make all announcements that pertain to him in a "sly" voice. Now it's obvious whose entered the channel and you've effectively shortened the need to have a phonetic name that includes his class.

    BUG: TeamSpeak "Invite Buddy" Links Remove Phonetic Name

    Currently, if you create a TeamSpeak link that will automatically send a person into a certain room when they click it on a website, it will automatically remove whatever was placed in the "Set Phonetic Nickname" field.

    TeamSpeak "Invite Buddy" Links Must Be Reusable

    TeamSpeak now provides the ability for a TS custom link on your website to send a person into a specific channel and simultaneously add them to a certain server group. Unfortunately, this can only be used once. Therefore, although hoped for, you cannot have a "recruiting link" that automatically assigns every single individual to the server group "Clan/Guild Recruit" because after the first person clicks the link, it will no longer function properly for the second. This needs to be fixed. "Invite Buddy" links must also have the capability of assigning a single person to multiple server groups. Now someone who likes to fly choppers just clicks a link and he's automatically taken into the clan's TeamSpeak, assigned the branch server group called "Air Force" and the rank of "Recruit".

    TeamSpeak "Invite Buddy" Links Don't Work For Some People

    While most people can use a TS invitation link with no problem, it doesn't work for everyone. A concise troubleshooting report would be nice so that the most common problems can be addressed for those who want to use this potentially powerful feature.

    Purge Inactive Clients

    Ability to delete clients from all their server groups if they have been inactive for a certain number of days, weeks or months.

    TS "Dabbleboard" Feature

    Popup window that allows a client to upload a picture that anyone clicking his "battle plan" link can access. Client(s) then have the ability to draw on the image and all viewers can see his notes. This allows clans, guilds, corporations or other organizations to share their ideas without having to use an external program or website such as

    Channel Description Embed Video

    Ability to embed videos into channel descriptions will allow for organizations to feature welcome videos, training videos, etc.

    Client Activity Details

    See how many hours a client has logged in, what channels he visits most and a chart of his overall activity.

    Channel Activity Chart

    Have you created channels for every purpose you can think of? Now you can see if anyone actually bothers to use them and make deletions and adjustments accordingly.

    Retroactive Server Groups

    Ability for one server group to automatically assign another and remove any conflict. If the completion of a certain mission means you'll be awarded a particular server group (with a nifty icon) and it also means you'll get a boost in rank, now you can assign the one server group and it will automatically assign the other...and remove the old clan-rank server group. This makes things easier on administrators, officers and the clan leader himself.

    Server Groups Family

    This goes along with "Retroactive Server Groups" but could be another way or an additional method. If the clan rule is that a person of such-n-such rank must have completed x-number of missions or training sessions, then a person of that rank will always have x-number of server groups. Therefore, you can deselect his Server Groups Family for "Private First Class" and select the one for "Sergeant" and he'll automatically have x-number of server groups assigned to him, because "Sergeant" isn't a server's a family of server groups.

    Server Groups Assigned by Activity/Inactivity

    For example: Clock a certain number of active hours in the clan's TeamSpeak and you'll automatically be awarded the clan's "Good Conduct Medal" server group icon (setting yourself to "away" status automatically stops the activity clock). Fail to login to the TeamSpeak for a certain number of days, weeks or months and server groups will automatically fall off or be added.

    Organization Event Time Preference

    Be able to view what hours you get the most server activity and see the information over the course of weeks or months. Now you can plan the best time for special events, training sessions, etc. We've noticed that polls simply don't work for trying to figure out the best times to plan an event.

    TeamSpeak Forum Software

    Either integrated into TS3 client software or external website software that is made by the folks at This allows organizations to manage their entire enter enterprise through a single system. As it stands now, if we assign some a rank in our clan, we must also be sure to assign them the matching rank on our forum. Also, if we purge someone from our forum for inactivity we'd like the ability to easily purge them from whatever TS3 server groups we've assigned them. TeamSpeak Forum Software would minimize mouse clicks, which translates to convenience...and more game time!

    Official Clan Whisper Lists

    Ability to create a whisper list and have it available to all clients. Now you don't have to go through all the steps of telling someone which channels to add to their whisper list. They simply drag and drop the Whisper List, which already has the channels, hotkey and name already assigned. The individual client can alter the list's hotkey if needed.

    Retroactive Official Clan Whisper Lists

    Not only can admins create a whisper lists that are available to everyone, but if channels have been deleted, renamed or added, then any change to official clan whisper lists will be retroactive for all clients. Now each client doesn't have to be told to update their whisper list.

    Official Clan Sound Pack Easy Install

    We love the new whisper_notify.wav feature, but we've decided to replace it with our own unique sound effect. However, now we have to guide every new and old member on where to get our file and how to replace it. We also prefer a certain a sound pack. With this suggested feature, you would be able to make the clan's official sound pack not just readily available but immediately employable. The server admin loads up the files and now all his clients can easily add the new sound pack to the appropriate directories at the click of a button.

    Thank you for reading,
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