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    [Bug] Terminal Services confuses client

    Version: Windows 64, All - Build 11315 (current)
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64
    Sound: Onboard Realtek (Gigabyte mobo), Driver (3/1/2010)
    DirectX: 11
    Error message: N/A

    When I log back onto my system after a remote desktop connection, the client is royally confused due to the input change. This of course only happens if the terminal services client has remote sound and/or recording enabled. The result is a solid talk light that will begin when someone talks and lasts indefinately until the client is forcibly shut down (I'll get to that in a second). When this happens, there's no audio from said user(s).

    If you try to close the client, it will disconnect from the server(s) just fine, but will hang afterward. The only solution I've found around this is to kill the process via task manager.

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    A new device appears for the client, when you send your sound to the remote machine.
    This causes the permanet light when a user started to talk.
    I had this problem with my mobile phone and RDC to my computer.
    This also happens, when you remove an active usb headset or soundcard while ts uses it.

    To solve it, you have to unselect the current capture profile on your server tab.
    Do a right click on it and unselect the capture profile.

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