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    Is the voice delay going ever to be tightened even more?

    This is by no means a complaint.

    I am just curious as to the chances of the delay between you speaking and someone else hearing you being reduced even further than it is now by the time beta is over. The delay is much shorter than TS2 ever was, but I was wondering how close to "instant" it is possible to get?

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    we never give up improving latency, but even in a perfect world you will
    never get to instant . Sound card needs a buffer when capturing and when
    playing back, the codec also adds a few ms of latency, then there is the network
    latency (for internet connections usually a couple of ms) and of course a jitter-buffer
    since packets don't arrive in order and on time...

    Put short: Don't expect any huge improvements, but we will keep working at it.
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    can we control the buffer on the soundcard if we get a nicer one? Maybe have a slider bar and a test sound file to play to make sure it works?

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