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    Package lost behind Router


    i have a problem with 2 Clients behind one router

    This Problem occours if two people behind the same router stay in the same channel.
    If more than one Person in the channel start to speak the Packetlost of my two clients at home reach 50% ore more. What happens if we are in different channels i don't know.
    We had no Problemes with Teamspeak 2
    - I have changed the firmeware of my router (Linksys WAG160N Vers1)
    - I changed the other network components
    - I only use wired connections
    - I changed the codec an quality with no positiv effeckt
    - all clients use windows 7 professional
    - Client Version 3.0.0-beta22[Build 11315]
    - Server Version 3.0.0-beta23[Build 11239] on Debian 5

    I have no ideas and i would be happy if someone can help.

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    Do you host the server? What bandwith can you offer for your user?

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    Sorry for the late answer.

    I host the server, the system has 100MBit Network Card and connected to a 4GBit Backbone. But i think that's no Problme with the Bandwith, that happens if onyl 3 Persons connected to the server with no other traffic.

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