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    Problems with restarting the TS3-server


    I have a problem with my \teamspeak3-server_win32..

    Once I have started the server I cannot restart it.
    After the second start the server stops with: logging to file started (no console logging on windows)
    The server can only be restartet after deleting the file ts3server.sqlitedb
    But this file contains all the settings for the already created rooms.
    Is there a possibility to restart the TS-server without having to delete this file or redoing all the settings?
    Getting a Non-Profit-Licence and copying it into the above mentioned folder doesn´t solve my problem.
    Can you help me with this?


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    If the command line box containing the text
    TeamSpeak Server 3.0.0-beta23 [Build: 11239]
    (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    Logging to file started (no console logging on Windows)
    Appears and stays, your server is running.
    If the box disappears check your logfiles (teamspeak3-server_win32\logs) and post your last serverlog.

    The admin information (Query account and Priviledge Key) will only appear on the servers first start.

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    that's what it's supposed to say lol. everything is running fine

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