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    Solved [Fixed with beta23] 'Sort clients under channels' option

    When changing this setting while connected to a server with clients in a channel with a subchannel you will notice weird sorting between channels/clients (some above channel AND some below...)

    Client Beta22 [11315]
    Vista OS
    I noticed this also in Beta21 (didn't make a post then, probably should have)

    However after a reconnect to the server the proper setting takes effect properly. My suggestion to this would be to require TeamSpeak to be restarted for changes to take effect.

    Here is a video for you:
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    Working on a fix for this right now.

    Requirement to restart the client for this setting to take effect was something we wanted to avoid. Of course this would have been much easier to code, but in my opinion it's much nicer to be able to switch this setting on-the-fly and immediately see the results.

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