For example, say I have two whisper lists, WL1 and WL2. They both are assigned different hotkeys.

At some point during my whispering, I wish to deactivate one of the WL's to make the hotkey no longer active to whisper to the designated WL. However at a later time I wish to use the designated WL again, I can check or uncheck a box to make the list and hotkey active again.

Currently, to 'deactivate' a WL so to speak one would just have to clear the hotkey (assign a hotkey then press ESC). It may be easier to do so by having a check box to make a designated WL active or not active, and to switch them 'on' or 'off'.

Just an ease-of-use idea that came to my mind today while testing out some WL combo's.

On a side note, TS3 absolutely dominates. I find something new and useful every other day that I didn't know existed. Good job.