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    Backup SQLite while server is running


    normally I created a backup of the server before every update. I stopped the server, copied the whole directory, updated and started again. (And I will continue doing it that way, works great. )

    But the recent exploit left me thinking, that I should probably run backups more often. Filesystem is no problem, I'll setup another rsnapshot job for that, which works great as a file backup in addition to tapes on other servers of mine.

    But I'm a bit unsure about the SQLite: I know that I cannot just copy the file, because it could get corrupted in the backup. But can I dump it using .dump? Or does the TS server cache the data in memory and only writes it back every x minutes or so?

    I wanted to use the following command on a linux box, windows should work similar. Do you think my database dumps will be fresh (as in current) and not corrupted?
    sqlite3 ts3server.sqlitedb .dump | bzip2 > /home/ts3/ts3.bak/db/$(date +%y%m%d-%H%M).sql.bz2
    I had some problems with openldap keeping stuff for hours in the cache without writing it back, resulting in an old backup when I needed it... Now I'm better safe than sorry.
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    Well, I tried it out today and at least the virtual server settings and the log tables are written at once, so I guess everything is. The solution described above runs now twice a day via cron.

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    On windows, Volume Shadow Copy seems to work fine. I use fbackup to mirror certain directories to a second drive (while running), and if I copy the mirrored TS3 dir back from there I get a working server - permissions, groups, custom icon settings and logs intact

    PS. making an extra (fixed) backup right before an upgrade is *always* a good idea, I've done that ever since the first public beta was released and I'll continue to do that in addition to the automated mirror above. If something were to go horribly wrong with the main TS3 server and the backup system happens to kick in right afterward, you'd get a corrupted copy on the mirror location as well.

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