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    Solved [Included] Warn when talking while microphone is muted

    There is a setting in the Settings/ Options/ Applications menu.

    Warn when talking while microphone is muted.

    If this is checked, and the Sound pack is set to Deactivated, then when you talk while the microphone is muted, you will not get the warning sound.

    This setting should not depend on the Sound pack being activated.

    It should work when it is checked.

    If for whatever reason the user doesn't want to hear all the coming and going messages, I still believe they would want to be notified when they are trying to speak with their mic muted.

    At least I would.

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    I moved it to suggestions This is more a feature request
    I agree with with your problem and i think it should be moved into sounds.
    Developers will discuss about it.

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    Makes sense, changed as suggested.

    Originally the "beep" sound was a spoken sentence "Stop talking to yourself" or something similar, so including it into soundpacks made sense because of TTS.

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