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Thread: PC hangs

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    December 2009
    I have yet to crash with the newest version.

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    November 2010
    i crashed with the latest release..... why can't the application just crash itself and not the whole system ???

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    January 2011
    It doesn't seem to matter which version I use, teamspeak will crash when it pleases. Sometimes it crashes and sometimes it's fine, and there is no difference in what I'm doing. When will teamspeak come out with a new version that fixes this problem. For those of us who deal with this issue, it's a huge pain in our butts. And it doesn't seem like TS cares, because they can't recreate it. So I suppose myself and every other client who has this prob, is just plain stupid to have such an issue. Why wont TS just once believe the clients that this isnt a fun issue that hasn't been solved. I have a server of my own, which means that I pay for TS. This is BS to pay for something that 1 doesn't give good support, and 2 causes more problems and time waste than it's worth. Now PLEASE TS will you make a better version that fixes this bug instead of blaming realtec.

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    What does your client build say (Help > About Teamspeak) ? Is there any special plugin (like ACRE) installed?
    Is your Realtke driver updated? Last version (R2.59) has been relased on Friday 8th April.
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    January 2011
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    For some reason my comp was lying about having the latest driver updates. My fault for believing when windows updater said everything is up to date. I have updated realtek driver to 2.59 and so far I have had no problems. Thank you for posting the actual version as I would have never known to double check windows updater.

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