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    Can't hear other user + client doesn´t close

    I think I´ve found two bugs
    1. I have a TS3 server (Beta 25 now), and sometimes It happens that a User speaks, but one of the other users (not always the same) can´t hear him. On their client, the Icon of the first User flashes all the time. When the server restarts and everybody reconnects, it works again.
    2. Sometimes when I click the X-Icon of my TS3 Client (Beta 22) it disconnects, but the client is still running. It ignores clicks on the X-Icon then and I can´t close it, so I have to kill the process via the task manager.


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    1. Im not too sure about this one, might be a connection issue (limited bandwidth), I'll let someone else spread his or her thoughts about this one In the mean time you can try to lower the bandwidth settings in a channel, to see if there's any improvement.

    Btw, is this user (the one that talks, but others dont always hear him) always the same? (I guess not, but still)

    Self note:

    2. Which OS (XP, Windows 7, etc.) are you running? In the task manager does it show abnormal high cpu/memory usage? Are there any other processes running that take abnormal high cpu/memory?

    Also, please check your installation folder -> logs folder, to see if there is any relevant information such as warnings or errors.
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