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    Solved [solved] fix phonetic nickname for unique ID

    Hi there,

    I use several unique ID’s for different servers. So I log on to the servers with the right nickname and permissions. When I switch the ID for a server under Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> More, only the nickname changes automatically, the phonetic nickname remains unchanged. It would be easier if the phonetic nickname changes as well, because of course I want to provide the other Clients with the correct phonetic nickname and I don't want to type it in every time, I change the ID.

    Is it possible to connect a phonetic nickname with a unique ID?
    If not, may it be possible in future?

    BRGDS Skorga
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    not possible at the moment.

    Currently you can just make several bookmarks in your bookmark manager and this will solve your problem for you.

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    Good idea, thx! However, this is only an option and no solution. I think also, it is momentarily not possible but I hope in one of the subsequent updates somebody will take this problem into account. I bet, in the brigade of online players this would be a very welcome change.

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    The function you like to have, already has been requested here and is on dev's Todo.

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