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    Allowing certain clients to not use PTT

    Hello everyone ...

    I would like to enforce push-to-talk on a particular channel and have set this up by setting b_force_push_to_talk to 1 in that channel.

    Now, certain clients should be exempt from this policy .... and here comes the problem:

    - Negate only works within the server groups. Thus, adding those clients to a group with negate enabled did not help.

    - As the Flag is sort of inverted, setting grant to 0 e.g. in the channel-client-permissions will not work, either.

    Is there any way to accomplish this WITHOUT enforcing ptt client-by-client?

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    Have you tried applying this permission in the client permissions w/ a negate flag? or just adding the permission but do not put 1 for the value? Since client permissions are higher in the tier I would think this would work but you'd have to do it for every client you want this for.

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    Note that "negate" flag does not reverse a permission.
    Negate means that the lower value will be considered.
    Sometimes you might want to create a Server Group that negatively affects the users that are put into it. For example a "Sticky" group that disallows switching of channels or a "Silent" group that removes the privileges to talk from the clients that receive it. To allow this the negate flag can be added to permissions in a server group. If you are member of a group that has a permission flagged with the negate flag, you will not receive the highest value of this permission, but rather the lowest that is flagged with negate.

    You created a Server Group called "Sticky". It contains only one permission: i_channel_join_power set to "-1", and a negate flag is applied to this permission. Now if I grant sticky group to any client they will not be able to switch channels anymore. This also works if the user I put into "Sticky" group has a positive i_channel_join_power set, since the negate flag will make sure the Tier 1 result will be the lowest negated i_channel_join_power permission, so -1 or less than that. The reason why it is not possible to switch channels anymore is that normally a channel has no i_channel_needed_join_power set, and if a permission is not set it is assumed to be zero. Since -1 is smaller than zero, the user won't be able to join.
    Set "b_force_push_to_talk" for the users in the client-layer, uncheck it and set "Skip Flag".

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    I realized after I said that that there is no negate in the client permission area.

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