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    Solved Cannot kick to default channel

    I know this is a permission setup issue, but something is just odd about this.

    First of all, I have my channel set up like this

    + Lobby Channel (default, needed join power = 5, set it so that no one can go back in once moved out)
    + Random Channel (just some random channel)

    Now, we have the default guest group (with no join power at all), and we have a channel admin with enough i_client_kick_from_channel power to kick that guest

    Now, when the channel admin tries to kick that guest from random channel, he'll get an error saying "insufficent join power", which is reflecting on the guest group without enough join power to move that user in

    so ... yeah, shouldn't kick from channel kinda like a force move? so shouldn't that bypasses the join power permission?

    Using RC1 Win 32 Server + RC2-pre Win32 Client

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    Funny, we disucssed that yesterday This exists for many versions

    Need more testing, give me a moment please.

    Edit #1
    We think, it should not be possible to get into the default channel.
    Waiting for an answer of my master

    Edit #2
    This is no bug. You don't wan't that user can't join your channel. And a kick would avoid that permission, when you try to kick yourself.
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