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    Virtual Severs Question


    Let me start by apologizing if i'm posting in the wrong place or if this has been asked before. I have searched for hours with no luck yet so decided to post.

    This issue has been driving me nuts for a while, I have multiple virtual servers running and have had some clients who have had trouble setting up their servers when logged on. In order for me to assist I have to ask for their server passwords (which I DONT want to do of course), ive done some research and think that there should be a way for me as a server admin with serverquery password and such to access their server without providing the server password.

    The only answer I could come up with is to make sure b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password is checked for the ServerAdmin group (#8 in my case) but even with this correct it STILL asks for a password when I try to join any of the virtual servers.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to do something else? Is this simply impossible?

    I appreciate the help in advance!

    P.S. I realize I can edit the server via ServerQuery but to be able to talk to my clients and provide help straight away on their servers is a better option for me.
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    Did you set the b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password in your client permissions? Setting it in the SA group works as well.

    I like that you want to be in the server when you help out. Wish my host would do that. Would make things WAY simpler!

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    Just create a Server Admin token and then connect with something like:

    ts3server:// Q8qoMs4naZlBApPKL/Gjh8Ai

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