Hello, I'm new here, sorry if I posted in wrong section.
I am desperately seeking a way to be able to communicate using Teamspeak with AutoHotkey.
Let me explain, I am permanently connected to a server and play different games.
I have a script that I turn off programs like winamp and other enforcement action if they are in before starting the game, this script already recognizes that game I started, now I just have to let me move from Teamspeak channel automatically in the game in question. BF2 bf2 in the channel, the channel cod4 call of duty4, Bad Company in BC2 channel and so on.
I'm trying for two months without success. AutoHotkey is inportant to me because it is easy and immediately terminates his employment without running jump out of the game.
Please can you help? Is a way I can automate Teamspeak? enter and leave the channel or close TS3 using script?
I would be really grateful for any help. Thank you. (Translated by Google, sorry, I am Italian).
Thanks to all