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    Solved [Solved] TS3 audio problems with other programs

    hey there,

    I googled it, searched this forum, I didn't find anything and I'm pretty much despairing.

    The problem is this:
    If I launch TS3 while no other programs using audio are running, it works just fine (did have some trouble earlier on, but I guess that was mainly due to wrong configuration.), I have sound output and people hear me, all as it should be. If I now run any other programs that have sound output (e.g. games, such as Guild Wars and EVE online), these programs are muted. If I try to watch a Youtube video while TS is running, it either doesn't even load or it's running with extreme lags and no sound either. (Note that all of this works just fine if TS isn't running. tested multiple times.)
    I figured that I should try and launch the other programs BEFORE I launch TS. I did that, they have sound, I start TS, all seems fine. As soon as I join a server, TS gives out error messages. My capture and playback devices couldn't be found. Fumbling around with the settings does nothing to help.

    I have tried multiple combinations of running games/programs and/or TS as admin. Nothing worked. As it is, I seem to have the options of either using TS or any other third-party-program utilizing sound output.

    I'm using Vista 32 Bit on an Acer Aspire 7730g with a Realtek High Definition Audio card. I usually have my headset plugged in, but I tried without it, utilizing the webcam's mic, and the results were in no way different.
    I have tried reinstalling sound drivers, motherboard drivers, codecs and just about anything else. It doesn't work. (Oh, by the way, when using TS2 it all works fine in any way, so I'm pretty sure it has something to do with TS3 and other programs accessing my audio card at the same time... I don't see why on earth this should be a problem, though, by all means not.)

    I hope anyone here knows of a solution to this ...

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    Go to PLAYBACK and check the properties for your playback device. Under the ADVANCED tab there is a check box for "give exclusive mode application priority" Try unchecking that if it is checked.

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    I also have the same problem, i've attempted to do what you suggested to fix it but under playback i can find no advanced tab, the playback i'm looking at is through 'settings' then 'options' is the the correct one and if not where do i find it?

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    nevermind, i found it lol, thanks for the help

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