I do not know if this is question for client, or server. But basically, the problem is this:

As a ServerAdmin I right-click on virtual server, then "Edit Virtual Server", then click on "more" and tab "Host". At the very bottom there is "Host Button". I can set-up Tooltip and URL, but I can not define "Icon URL".

First of all, I do not know which format should it be in (ico, bmp, jpg, png?). Anyway, I tried all of them, with valid url (checked it in web-browser window), but the Icon simply does not show in TS-client (I suppose it should be on the main TS windows, top right corner, instead of that "house with question mark").

Is this function actually implemented? How should that "Icon URL:" look like? Do I have to upload the icon to TS3-server first? Or can it be on any other web-server?