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    Quote Originally Posted by Gromas View Post
    The plugin does not want to save the settings once did not try.
    Just did not want to pick up the language file.
    In previous versions of all worked like clockwork.
    Can someone tell me what is the problem?
    You might have problems with saving the configuration by missing access rights or due to other plugins. I'm not able to reproduce that error on any computer at my place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. S View Post
    The configuration is available under $(Teamspeak)\config\plugins\TS3MassMover.conf. You could create the file by hand with the following content:
    Setting MENU_GLOBAL_TO_ME to 0 is diableing the Option to move all clients to my channel.
    Edit: I'll try to add the plugin at myTeamSpeak, but TeamSpeak is not that fast:
    Your account is currently under Review.
    Developer Status: Waiting for approval.
    Developer Name: Mr_S

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    Switch a group of users via hotkey to a specific channel?

    Hello there,

    i was wondering if there is a possibility to switch a group of people to a specific channel.
    I'd love to move all server admins to a channel via hotkey at once.

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    Ich weiß nicht ob ich einfach nur zu dumm bin... ich kann auch die geupdatete Version vom MassMover nicht nutzen.Attachment 14834

    Kann mir einer sagen was ich falsch mache?

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    new mass mover plugin

    Does anybody have a working mass mover with the newest teamspeak version (
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    Version 0.61.21 (20.01.2017)
    • Include localisation by code (switch to german if OS gui is set to german)
    • Rename plugin DLLs to support and create myTeamSpeak packages

    Edit: dante696 asked me to create a new thread

    Info: As long as cloudflare is blocking the upload function I'm not able to upload the current version to the new thread.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    TS3MassMover Help!

    Hello! I wanted to install such a plug-in "TS3MassMover" and then when I restarted ts, I do not have "TS3MassMover" I have in the Plugins provide the link I think someone will help me. And I add as bad department is sorry.
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    TS3 MassMover: failed to open plugin I have this problem with the plugin. I have 64 bits, before I had 32 bits and the plugin worked good, but I change to 64 bits and now I have this problem when I install TS3 MassMover, I need help please, thanks.

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