I can't imagine that this hasn't been reported yet, but I couldn't find it anywhere by searching, and didn't see the todo list anywhere, so here goes:

Hotkeys don't seem to respect different server tabs. Given that I am connected to server X and Y, each of which have a channel A and B:

- when I set up a hotkey to "switch to channel A on server X" it will switch to channel A on both server X AND Y
- when I set up a hotkey to "switch to channel A on current", it will switch to channel A on server X AND Y

Also, I don't know if this is by design or not, but the same is true for muting the mic, speakers, sound, and setting away status. All of these things appear to affect all server tabs. As has been suggested in another thread I read, I suggest that virtually all functions and hotkeys have the option to take effect globally, as well as server-tab-contextually.

Tested with:
Client: 3.0.0-beta22 [Build: 11315]
Client OS: Win7 Pro 64-bit
Server X: 3.0.0-beta25 [Build: 11421]
Server X OS: Win2003 Enterprise 32-bit
Server Y: 3.0.0-beta25 [Build: 11421]
Server Y OS: Win2003 R2 Enterprise 32-bit