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    Angry How can I use TS3 if users keep getting banned?

    Anti-spam measure? What is it?!

    SPAM for what? What spam?

    Why regular users get banned OVER AND OVER again for that?

    I need some clarification and some chill pills.

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    What are your current Anti-Flood settings? What are users trying to do when they get banned?

    Every action you take on a teamspeak server gives you points toward the Anti-Flood system. If you take too many actions too quickly you get a warning and/or kicked or banned.

    There isn't much in this topic yet ->

    I put in a request for a sticky topic that explains how the AF system works. Hopefully a Dev will get a chance to post this for those that are either having troubles with it or just don't understand it.

    Till then, try adding the permission b_client_ignore_antiflood to one of two places

    1) add it to the server group permissions
    2)If it's only a few people I'd just add it to their client permissions.

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