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    Quote Originally Posted by Leafyyy View Post
    Excuse me, is it necessary to configure some new parameters for the software?
    Yes when server was started via script or with ini file.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leafyyy View Post
    Maybe Teamspeak remembered my previous fixed IP address?
    Only when above is the case. The server will always listen to any IP.

    You may check LAN/WAN IP and that the ports use the right IP.
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    Linux TS3 Server only accessible through own network!

    Hello there,

    recently I set up a Linux TS3 server. I can connect to it in my own network but its not accessible through the internet.
    Ive read through countless posts on forums trying to find the problem but none seemed to help me.
    Do I have to open any Ports, install different tools, or set up DNS for it to help?
    Id really appreciate any help. Maybe somebody out there has a tutorial for me which includes setting up the Server so you can connect to through on the internet?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    You likely need to port forward your router if it's being hosted from your home network.

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    Thank you!

    Do you have any experience how to port foward with a Fritz.Box Router?

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    I don't, but they have plenty of guides by the looks of it:

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    My Ts3 server working but no one can get in


    I setup my ts3 server and with serveradmin password i can get inside with yatqa. But with ts3 client me or my friends we can not get inside.

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    This is what i get.

    <22:32:35> Trying to resolve hostname
    <22:32:37> Trying to connect to server on
    <22:32:42> Failed to connect to server
    Ok guys i see... Time to go to Discord. Goodbye to ts3
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    Check if port 9987 is opened correctly. (Maybe with some tools online)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aslan_Omer View Post

    Ok guys i see... Time to go to Discord. Goodbye to ts3
    I'm speechless..

    <21:29:54> Trying to resolve hostname
    <21:29:54> Trying to connect to server on
    <21:29:54> Invalid server password.

    Let's think.. why nobody can connect?

    Maybe remove server password?
    When you setup the subdomain name ""? Did you wait for DNS propagation?

    I just found your topic asking about Teamspeak server on Godaddy shared hosting...
    Go to Godaddy support and ask if they allow to run Teamspeak server on shared hosting.
    Usually shared hosting does not allow to run TS3 servers at all.
    Probably you need VPS or dedicated server to run self hosted Teamspeak server.
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