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    More correctly, UDP always listening.
    But it can't be tested for connectivity without knowing the protocol behind the socket.

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    Help people cant join my server

    hi I am creating a teamspeak 3 server for gamers that can communicate with fellow gamers and stuff. Anyway i have port forwarded 3 ports correctly
    1. 9987 (TCP/UDP)
    2. 10011 (TCP)
    3. 30033 (TCP)
    However, when I port forward 3 ports, there is no IP bar there, so you can’t put in the IP. I tried to ignore it.
    Anyway when I was done I tested a person to go join my TS3 server to see if its working properly or not. He can’t join. What have I done wrong? It didn’t look wrong. It is TalkTalk Super Router HG635. Although, in the back of the Super Router there is a WAN port, which is weird, because my PC is wireless and my router is downstairs, not upstairs. Is it because I haven’t plugged it in to the WAN port? It should’ve worked perfectly fine without the WAN port.

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    So I moved my computer to another house, and connected to that internet, and attempted to host a TeamSpeak 3 server, and I still can't connect. Are these Port Forwarding configuration settings correct?

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    TS-Server new install / ServerQuery connect possible / TS-Clients no connect


    I want to move my TS3-Server. Installation on new Debain Linux V-Server. Query-Connect with "YatQA-App" is possible. Can change Port 9978 to others and checked listening with netstat -l. Everything looks good but can not connect with TS3-Clients.

    Tried with and without Non-Profit-License. I know that I have to stop old server before start of new one. But anyhow I don´t understand why connection with query works and with client doesn`t.

    Can someone give me another idea?
    Firewall on / off doesn´t help.

    Best regards

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