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    New Jersey USA

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    As I understand it, the local time should be equal to the time UTC?
    At the moment I have a difference between local time and UTC time about 3 hours

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    Problem partly found: Running TS3 in a Linux/GNU screen causes timing issues while in copy mode.

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    Similiar Problems

    So, is there a real solution for those Problems now?

    I'm running TS3 beta30 [Build: 12998] on Debian x86.
    Had these problems with running ts like "screen ./", but switching to the other method "./ start" isn't solving these problems ...

    Receiving the same error message "incorrectly running system clock" after nearly every editing of channels or other things.

    There another problem, some (seems like random) clients cant connect to the server, sometimes it works after some more tries. Is this problem involved to the system clock thing?

    P.S.: And a third thing is i cant upload my icons. ( i guess this problem is standing alone)
    It says max. filesize is 0kB but i cant edit the iconsize entry in the group rights system. and where to edit the server icon-size??

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    Exclamation Detected incorrectly running system clock!

    Hello guys,

    I have an problem ..
    Sometimes my teamspeak 3 server encounters this error (Detected incorrectly running system clock) .. a longer time ago .. I read this anywhere .. and there was posted that it was fixed in any release .. (many releases ago). But the last few weeks I got this error .. the Teamspeak 3 Server wasn't crashing completely .. I just drops the connection of all players. And a few moments later all can "reconnect". And the Server is up and running (the Server doesn't crash, just hang)

    But today it crashed completely .. I think it was an "bad timing" I looked in the Server log and excatly to this time .. the error happen .. so it crashed completely .. (= That's my guess)

    As you can see here:
    Name:  incorrectly - running - system - clock.jpg
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Size:  253.7 KB

    Do you have any ideas how to fix this .. so any time (of the server) has to be running wrong .. or "the time is jumping" .. but .. ?
    The teamspeak3 is running on an linux server hosted in an data center.

    // edit:

    So I restarted the Server and have see this in the Serverlog ..
    2011-04-18 13:49:16.504881|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   | Server Version: 3.0.0-beta30 [Build: 12998], Linux
    I just started the Server a few minutes ago .. so .. what the hell is going wrong .. the servertime is correct I guess .. yesterday I looked at the time, and it was correct.

    With kind regards
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    Please read this informations: Click me to get to the new Thread

    If you still got trouble with this certain error, please post in the new thread!

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    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    detected incorrectly running system clock

    hello i got this message from the beginning i checked the forum and found some topic already but i dont understand it :/ i am kinda new to hosting a server on Ubuntu can someone help me with this please ?
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