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    High load, network interrupts

    Hi guys,

    I just noticed a bit of load on my teamspeak server and wanted to see if someone has an opinion on that: Load up to 1.2, mostly 0.8, around 25 users and nothing else to do. My server runs on VMWare ESX 4.0, the host has two 4core xeons with 2.6Ghz each and 18GB RAM. The VMWare host has around 50% RAM usage and 5-10% CPU. The VM running the TS server has 1GB RAM and 1CPU, and has only an apache running beside the TS server (b25 of course.) OS is Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x86.

    BTW, I didn't have any problems, been just wondering if it is normal that 25 users put a load of 1 on my server.

    Lets visualize this a bit.
    Attachment 3665
    Here we can see when the users coming online.

    Attachment 3666
    Here is the load spiking.

    Attachment 3667
    Attachment 3668
    But CPU is nearly completly idle and there is less than 300MB ram used (beside buffers/cache)

    Attachment 3669
    And I noticed this: There are a lot of network interrupts, understandable, since we cause traffic. But is this really the cause for this load?

    Thanks for reading that far, anyone any ideas? Would be curious how the server behaves with 200 or 500 users.

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