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    Solved [solved] file input/output error

    Hi guys,
    I dont know since when, but i can't move any files in the filebrowser to another folder. Its really a mess because so many things are in the "main-folder".
    When i try to move a file with drag n' drop it shows me that message in the log:

    <16:31:00> file input/output error

    And the file goes back to it's old place.
    I am total admin of my server...

    Any suggestions?

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    I can reproduce this, whe ni mark all files and folder and try to drop the fiels onto a marked marked folder. But that error is logical, when i try to move something into itself.

    Does this happen too, when you run the client as an admin?

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    January 2010
    Thanks for ur help but i found the problem. When i opened up the folder in the Windows-Explorer and tried to move a file there came up this annyoing message "You need adminstration rights to...", retarted Windows7 is all i say to this because i am always logged in as a Admin in Windows so this is just ridiculous.

    Anyway i figured out howto disable this message/warning for this folder and now the problem is disappeared.

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