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    Setting channel so that just one group can join it

    Hi all,

    I am unsure how to set this up...
    The TS3 b22 server works fine, and I have created a Server group (ID=9), called "X"
    I also created a permanent channel, called "X Only" (ID=6).
    The goal is to have only group "X" be able to join channel "X Only", but without setting a channel password. This should be all set from permissions, e.g.
    If client in group "X" then "X Only" join = 1 else "X Only" join = 0.

    Is this possible for TS3 b22? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance for responses!

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    Use the join_power and needed_join_power

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    I'll try to explain the limit of join_power and needed join_power, and why I said already channel group.

    Image, we have 3 channels
    Chan A
    Chan B
    Chan C

    And 3 server groups
    Group A
    Group B
    Group C

    Each group can only move in its channel according to these permissions

    Chan A (i_channel_needed_join_power = 10)
    Group A (i_channel_join_power = 10)

    Chan B (i_channel_needed_join_power = 20)
    Group B (i_channel_join_power = 20)

    Chan C (i_channel_needed_join_power = 20)
    Group C (i_channel_join_power = 20)

    Ok group A and B can't join the Channel C but the group C can join A, B and C channel. It does not work.

    Whit the Channel Group :
    We have 2 solutions for that.

    1 - The user can only move its channel :
    1. In Guest server group, uncheck b_channel_join_permanent (and other join permissions), now the user can't moved
    2. Create a channel group with b_channel_join_permanent permission
    3. Assign this group for each user when their are in the good channel

    At this moment, the user can't move in other channel

    2 - The users can move on server but not in specific channel or in their channel
    • In Guest server group set (for example) i_needed_join_power = 10
    • All channel have i_channel_needed_join_power = 10
    • For the specific channel set i_channel_needed_join_power = 20
    • Create a channel group with i_channel_join_power = 20
    • Assign this channel group for each users when their are in the good channel

    At this moment, the users can move in the server and in their specific channel

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    They have already stated that this will never happen.

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