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    Avatar/User Relation

    Hai Folks,

    can someone tell how Avatars are stored in the DB (looks like some checksum-hash) or is this a business secret?
    Reason is, many users on our servers use them, as intended, but when it comes to delete unused users or duplicates (due to the user re-installing TS or his OS) the files are left in "files/virtual_server<id>/internal" folder.
    So, how to tell which file belongs to which user to remove those no longer needed (or re-assigning if possible)? We (as probably most hoster) cant go to each server and ask every user about their avatar.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Alcazar,

    Effectively, all avatars are stored in "internal" server folder.
    In database, the link is in "client_flag_avatar" propertie, but the link between user and the avatar file is on the "client_base64hashClientUID" propertie.

    But, currently, you have this information for only connected users.

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