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    This is how my teamspeak server works, I have no control what so ever. I made a few server admins, I can only demote server admins if i go into the options. In permissions overview. Can't just right click them. My own server admins can demote me in my own teamspeak server. I try to use my own token wont let me use a token. My friends in the server can demote me. And add me back to server admin, But i cant demote or add server admins and its my own server. What is wrong with my server?

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    First, are you positive you were in the SA group when you attempted to demote someone?

    Second, if you don't want others to be able to demote you you need to create a 2nd admin group (i.e. Admin / Junior Admin) and place them in this group that does not have the power to demote you. You could also add yourself to the admin server query group.

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