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    TS3 GUI - add a button

    hi guys.

    i'm playing around with the plugin sdk.
    i thought that it would be finde, if i could add a button in the tool bar.
    i can access the ts3 window very easy using qt library but the window's children dont hava all names.
    do i have to try out how i can access the tool bar and add a button or is there an easier way supported by the interface between my dll and teamspeak?

    yours tomix

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    You can do it like this
    foreach (QWidget* pWidget, QApplication::allWidgets())
    const char* className = pWidget->metaObject()->className();
    if (strcmp(className, "MainWindow") == 0)

    Try "Toolbar" or a dynamic_cast in a QToolBar and check for not NULL pointer and you should get your toolbar.
    Got this tip from somewhere in this forum, dont remember who it was though.

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