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    How can i make the ts3 show members in rank order not alphabetical order?

    I been in other ts3 servers and they have it setup in a way that in each channel it will put members on top of list by ranking and not like alphabetical order ,how can this be done?
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    More complex user sorting

    Evening lads,

    I have a question regarding the sorting of users in the channel tree. I am aware of the i_client_talk_power option and I know that groups are sorted by i_group_sort_id (which is irrelevant here). Before I start I would like to say that I tried searching for this but I didn't find any thread related to it, it was always about sorting people just by i_client_talk_power.

    The basics:

    • I have 15 server groups (SG1) where the i_client_talk_power is scaled from 60 to 74.
    • There are users in each of these server groups.
    • Some of the users sharing the same SG1 have another server group (SG2) to distinguish them from others for their support related to the TS3 server expenses.
    • SG2 is just a dummy group, it has no permissions regarding the access or control of the server.

    The question:

    Is there any way to sort the clients that have the same SG1 based on whether they do or do not have SG2? Because right now they are sorted by SG1's i_client_talk_power and then by nickname. I'd like to have them sorted by SG1, then SG2 and then by nickname. You can see that using i_client_talk_power on SG2 is not an option as it overrides the i_client_talk_power of SG1.

    I have read that the sorting hierarchy goes like this:
    1. i_client_talk_power
    2. b_client_set_flag_talker
    3. username

    but b_client_set_flag_talker on SG2 doesn't change anything. Thanks in advance for all the answers, should there be any
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    first of all, users in the channel tree are sorted by:

    (1) talk power
    (2) is talker status
    (3) alphabet


    The permission "b_client_set_flag_talker" has nothing to do with it. You receive the "is talker status" when someone grants you talk power.

    Secondly, you can't change that. You sort clients with the value of talk power. If you want someone to be displayed over another client in the channel, you have to change the talk power values.

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    User Tags

    In my groups teamspeak I am trying to set it so that users with certain tags appear above people with other tags how do I do this?
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