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    [Request]Display Image/Youtube

    What I'm looking for is a plugin for image/youtube link display much like what yahoo has for its massager. Even if its a popup window or what not have it display images from URLs VIA the teamspeak3 program and not having to click the link and open it in chrome.(If only [IMG] or [YT] would work.) If anyone has a idea or would not mind making it for me. I would love you long time.

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    u need to "scan" the recived message for links. if they are from youtube, you have to find out the link to the video file.
    if you have that, you can use QT (like teamspeak itself) to create a QWebView window and set it's url to the video file.

    yours tomIx

    I rereaded your post and ehm... are u searching for a way to do this or a final plugin?
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    Kind of looking for someone to make one for me.

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