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    Exclamation TS client crashed after closing a message window


    I use the client version: 3.0.0-beta23-pre [Build: 11 410]
    My buddy and I were on the Team Speak] I [Public Server -1 - in a separate channel.
    Just for fun we thought again and again the needed requested talkpower to set up and down.
    After a relatively short period of time from the server, the feedback was regarding spamming.

    After my buddy and I wanted to close the message window each message from the server, we were kicked out of the TS un client has closed completely without any error message.

    Hope it is found out where the problem exists.

    Greeting MasterDune

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    Master xXx Guest
    I can not confirm it, probably I was too slow, but came the spam message.

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    I just tried this as well but i couldn't reproduce.

    I right click on the toolbar and added the "request talk power" and "cancel request talk power" button. I spammed both but i wasn't able to get a spam message so i could not proceed. I will try again later and see if i can get better luck next time.

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    No i mean in the Channel Preferences. We change very fast the needed Talkpower ^^.

    After Any clicks came a Windows tih a Message from the Server btw Spamming.

    We stop the changes and want to close the Message Window. But after a click to the Message Window, crashed the complete TS3 Client.

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    I can't reproduce it with my client. Maybe you have to descripte it to me in voice or it is fixed already.

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