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    file transfer via an external FTP server ?

    hey people, times a question.

    can the file browser to run on a external FTP Server ?.

    Sorry for my bad english, i am german.

    Translated with google translator........................................ ...............................................

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    It seems just like you don't have any slightest idea of what really you want to achieve.
    Why not just use FTP server, if you want to use FTP server?

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    The question makes perfect sense I would say.

    TS3 comes with a new feature - file browser. It came for a reason - make file sharing easier among a certain server's users.
    Yes, FTP does the same job but not as easier. Actually, many users don't even know what FTP is. But surly they know how to right click a channel and choose "file browser".

    If you rent a TS3 server, chances are that they will not provide storage to upload your files and that takes us to the question that started this thread.

    Can file browser on TS3 be setup to use a different server - using for example an FTP account ?

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    Upload the Files per FTP & move it to the TS Folder or write a Download-Link (if you use a Domain) in the Channel Discription.

    BTW.. Is it normal that you wrote "?" & "." so many Times?

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