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    (solved) Server Bandwith Usage

    I know there's different codex's available and different uses.. but I'm wondering if anybody has a normal, use of bandwidth maybe over a month or so

    I'm looking at 35 people maybe 70 max... usage... what is a normal, 1 client / person kb/second, minute, or hour of talking... maybe what is a normal, monthly use for 25 people, talking "normally"

    This would help me configure my bandwidth needs, Thank you.

    (beliar's answer is exactly what i was looking for, a general average, I'm marking this solved, but if anybody else wants to post their general numbers, feel free)
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    So i've got some info from my server.

    Generally speaking we have about 80-90 active users.

    Now when it's vacation, the number of users is lower. About 50 active atm.

    So we're using Windows platform.

    All channels have Speex Ultra-Wideband (32 khz) codec.

    Codec Quality:
    7 estimated bitrate: 5.32 KiB/s

    We're using around 2GB of upload and download per 42-50 active users /day

    So that's like 2GB per 24H, wich for a month gives a pretty big number of 60 GB's. And that's now when we don't have all our members active.

    This also depends on the day, sometimes it's 2,5 and on the other day it's about 1,5. But an average is 2 GB's.

    Up from september the number is about 3 -3,5 GB's since the active number of users grows rapidly. So then the usage is about 75-90 GB/s month

    Kind regards


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    this might help you out.
    we have about 50-80 users
    all channels using 16khz codec.

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