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    Diffrent Groups joining Diffrent Channels

    Hey i was wondering if it was possible to have different server groups be able to go into different default channels

    I have a guest lobby i want all unregistered guests to join
    i have a server group of group a and group b and i have channels for each group.
    i like to have it where a registered player of group a joins group a channel by default

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    Only possible with a channel group. Take a look at the op of this thread for some examples.
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    Lets say I have a channel structure as:
    - Alpha
    - Bravo

    And I have a group for each sub channel...

    I want to allow each group to join their respective channel, but they must not be allowed to join the other channels...
    A join power of like 49 and 50 on their respective groups, would work for the group with the power of 49, but the other group would be able to join both channels, so thats not a solution...

    As always, it's kinda hard to describe the permission system in words.. -.-

    Looking for a solution that dosn't involve setting passwords on channels...

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    That didn't solve the problem...

    After a quick test with multiple groups...

    All groups were still able to join the channels...

    The only thing it did was to make a public/private part of the server without the need of a password... Which I had already done by using required join power..

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    Ok, I've now been able to clarify what I'm searching for...

    Currently in TS3 there is an option when you right click a user: "Channel Groups of Clients", this allows you to assign clients a channel, which they have rights for... This means that to allow a user to join a channel, that channel must first be assigned to the user. Now if that is 50 channels you will have to do it manually for each channel...
    If a new channel should be created for the group, then you must assign that new channel to all members of the group.

    What I'm looking for, is kinda like a reversed option. So that you assign channels to a group, and then assign a user with a group. This means that you only have to setup the group once, and allows for a quick and easy setup for a user. If there are 50 channels, you only have to assign those 50 channels to the group once.
    At the same time, if a new channel should be created for the group, you can just assign it to the group, without worry.
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    Restricting channel to a certain group [Newbie]

    I'm an admin on a minecraft server. Our TS3 server is being overhauled and changed by muah, but I'm stuck on something.

    See we have three groups:
    Super Mods

    I've made a channel for each group:
    S-Mods & Admins

    We have channel groups for each of those three groups, but how can I restrict joining the channels to those groups & up? If you understand what I'm saying...

    I've tried:

    Demoting myself to normal (I can still join the channels)
    Setting join perms to the numbers after the group in the "Server Groups" GUI.

    Thank you, and if you can, can you give me a detailed reply? I'm a real newb at TS.


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    By default, the "Normal" server group, has assigned i_channel_join_power = 50
    Consequently, you have put the value to access the channels Alpha and Bravo, higher... e.g. i_channel_needed_join_power = 60

    Then create a new channel group (only one), eg "Authorised". Set all permissions you want, and also this: i_channel_join_power = 60
    Now, drag each user within their channel (Alpha or Bravo), and then assign them to the channel group "Authorised".

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    Ya, I have already written a post saying what you've just said, but apparently you are not allowed to directly write 2 consecutive posts. Propably bc of bumps. So its still waiting to be approved by a moderator...

    But since, this shouldn't be a consecutive post, I'll just sum it up here...
    I'm not trying to rage, I'm just annoyed...

    As of now, you must add a channel group to a user X number of times, where X is the number of restricted channels... This seems pretty silly. Considering if I had 50 users, and I created a new channel, then I would need to do the whole thing over again, with all the users with the new channel.

    What I want, or looking for is the ability to add channels to a group, and THEN add the users to that group... This way, if a new channel is created, then you only need to add it once to the appropriate group, as all users in that group will get the permission then...
    That is basicly how any permission system functions in the modern world. And therefor I can't see the reason why a new platform as TS3 wouldn't have such a system, considering how massive the permission system is...
    We had it in TS2, Ventrilo and Mumble already have it. Any bulletin /b/ have it... Windows, Linux and Apple has it, but we dont ?!?!?

    I have begun work on a webinterface a couple of days ago, and I've found a long but hopefully functional way of implementing this through that. But I was hoping that this forum might be able to solve this matter quicker...

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    Permissions doesn´t work.

    Hello Guys.

    I have a big problem with the permission system.
    i want that only 1 group have the permission to join a selected channel.

    the permission of the group is 75 and the permission from the channel is 80.


    i_channel_needed_join_power = 75
    i_channel_join_power = 75


    i_channel_needed_join_power = 80
    i_channel_join_power = 80

    But all Users with S (75) can join this channel.

    What is here the problem?

    Thanks for your reply

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    Thread Merged

    I guess S means Server Admin group.
    I guess too this group has b_client_skip_channelgroup_permission
    This permission "overwrite" all channel permission.

    A server group is not the good solution for your case.
    Please look at the top of this thread for more informations.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't i_channel_join_power = i_channel_needed_join_power give everyone the ability to join since the channel gives them the required permissions automatically?

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    Question How to setup basic permissions?

    Hi Guys,

    I am sorry if this is the most asked question but I just couldn't find an easy to understand tutorial on how to set this up. I have used Ventrilo and Mumble which were both easy to understand, but for some reason I just can't get TS3.

    I have myself setup with SuperAdmin and all the levels I need, so that is all set. But I want to setup some basic usergroups for people. I have a few different groups:

    Founder (Me)
    Guest (Default)

    I essentially have a few select channels that I only want certain groups to be able to enter. How would I setup these groups and do that? Thank you for your time!

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    For a few Channels you cannot really use Servergroups.
    See the Sticky Channels at the top of this Forum for Informations / Guidelines / Examples.

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    Icons and permissions help

    Hi I was wondering if there was a way I could assign icons to certain people to have access to specific channels

    Or alternatively if there is anyway to set access to certain channels for specific people according to their server group without passwords required.

    So Group A can only join Chan A not B
    And Group B can only join Chan B not A

    Await your replies patiently thanks!

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    Next time please use the forum search function

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    Channel join Issue


    I can't solve a little problem with my server groups, this is my situation:

    Game Channel - Need to join power 10
    Vip Channel - Need to join power 20

    Gamers server group -- join power 10
    Vip server group -- Join power 20

    How can I restrict the VIP group joining the gamers channel athough their join power is higher?

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    Spacer Permission for Every Group!!!!

    well Basically what i want to do is to create 3 groups "A,B,C". and 3 Spacers with their respective channels "Spacer 1,2,3". what happened is that when i setup permissions to groups and spacers like Group A 25 and Spacer 1 - 25 its ok, but the second group that i create it should be a higher amount like 30, but this means this second group override permission of the lower group so they can join channels of the lower group.

    My question, its possible to create groups in TS3 that between them cant override permissions? what i mean is that any group cant join to other channel even if they have a higher value permission?
    best regards

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    Not sure if it fits here but after I have read many of the post here I will give it a shout.

    I have 2 PvP grupes that use my TS3 server and I whant 1 grupe of people to only have access to Channel 4, and 7 and 8 if lets say every channel have name "Channel 4" "Channel 7" and "Channel 8"

    And my other grupe of members only have access to "Channel 3" "Channel 6" and "Channel 9"

    How most I do that in the "Advanced permission system" ?

    Im also willing to pay for this help if needed.
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    Hi everebody.
    At first, sorry my bad english.
    Here is the problem. I have a TS server, and 4 clans using it: Adept, Krym, Vasabi, Eira. Each clan got its channel whith subchannels, and i want to restrict permissions like this: Adept clan can use only channel called "Adept" and it's subchannels, etc. Than i want to create an "admin" group for each channel (Adept admin, Krym admin, etc). Which way should i use to realise this idea?
    Thank you.

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