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    Hey folks!

    I am a proud owner of a TeamSpeak server, the only thing dragging me down, is that i can not figure out how to do this! And it is basically killing my allready active server.

    I am a Game Master of a game, and we have opened a TeamSpeak 3 server. Let me tell you a little about it all, so you can deeply understand my problem and know exactly how i need the TeamSpeak 3 server to be set up.

    In game talking
    In game, there are two factions, races, or sides if you wish. Theese two sides can not communicate in game, other then in a bootleggary room wich is for all players.
    The reason why theese two factions CAN NOT talk together, is because both factions have bosses, and there is allso several PvP bosses. That means that theese two factions need to have a separate chat, not to be discovered by the other faction, so that they can take a boss.

    What i need from TeamSpeak
    I need to create 3 channels, for those 2 factions. 1 superviced lobby, where i am the other staff will be all day long. This one is easy! Because this one is the first Lobby anyone, and all guests come to when entering TeamSpeak.
    Then i need 1 channel for the one faction called "Alliance of Light". And I need 1 channel called "union of Fury". The clue here, is to make theese two channels a strict aeria for players who only are on those factions in game.

    with other simple words
    "Union of Fury" This is the channel i need ONLY staff and Fury people in. Light people CAN NOT enter this channel.
    "Alliance of Light" This is the channel i need ONLY staff and Light people in. Fury people CAN NOT enter this channel.

    The one and only place both factions can meet, are in the lobby, where there are staff keeping a eye on them.

    Your first thought might be "Why dont you just add a password?" Because Bootleggary is a open place, were factions, in game, can talk to each other, how hard it is to snitch a password? Not at all. So password protected channels are not my solution.

    Your second thought is value. But no, that is not my solution eigther, because then one faction will have value 10 to join a channel, meanwhile the fury must have 15 to access theirs. Wich will, true enuff, keep the lighty's out of the fury channel, but it will not hold the furys out of the lighty channel.

    Get my problem? I have tryed my very best to understand the permission system to get this to work, and i have seen this in action before. Separating theese two groups of people. Do i know how to do it in the technical stuff? Not at all. I have looked at Client ID, and trying to block ID out from a channel,but this is a very advanced and LONG process that would kill any of my staff to process everytime a new player logs on.

    All the help, clues or even ideas will help me alot, becuase im lost.

    For you who got tired of reading, read this:
    I need 3 channels in my teamspeak.

    Channel 1: Main lobby, where guests log in.
    Channel 2: Union of Fury - This is where ONLY Fury people can enter.
    Channel 3: Alliance of Light - This is where ONLY lights can enter.

    How to make theese permissions? Is there a guide somewhere?

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