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    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.0-beta23 Available

    Hello there,

    we are happy to announce the next TeamSpeak 3 Open Beta Client version, called 3.0.0-beta23. We have quite a long list of changes, the main areas that were changed (and that mostly also require a beta26 server to work):
    - whispering much improved, channel commander functionality should leave no wishes open
    - client country flags added
    - improvements on the 3D sound dialogue

    Note that we know about a bug in the updater that leads to the update failing. Some of you might have to run the updater multiple times before you successfully update. This problem should be fixed for the next release, but for this release we could not avoid it (can't update the updater before the update ). If your updater repeatedly doesn't work just use a new installer from our downloads section.

    === Client Release 3.0.0-beta23 - 02 Aug 2010
    - Fixed critical error when switching into a channel with a serverquery client
      immediately after connecting to the server.                                 
    - Updated German translation, several typo fixes                              
    - Closing client with opened and changed 3D setup caused Discard/Cancel/Apply 
      which blocks client from quitting.                                          
    - Fixed wrong count of unread offline messages                                
    - Fixed typo when exporting identities                                        
    - Fixed token generation for server groups when channel groups was previously 
    * Added required plugin API field to plugin dialog.                           
    * Updated server/channel/client info HTML templates                           
    - Fixed Windows not accepting banner URLs with a ":" within.                  
    - Fixed the 3D listener position could be set though 3D was disabled          
    - Fixed whiper list hotkey rollback deleted too much                          
    - Fixed 3D setup apply button does not always enable on position change       
    + Added a warning when exporting identities                                   
    - Fixed closing 3D setup Discard/Cancel/Apply could be requested twice        
    - Inform Mac users about enabling assistive devices, but show only once.      
    - Fixed channel chat tab doesn't update channelname when channel was changed  
    - Added search paths "gfx" and "iconpath", usable by HTML templates and style-
      sheets. e.g. "gfx:countries/fr.png or "iconpath:16x16_about.png"            
      Iconpath will by dynamically set to the current iconpack path.              
    - Save and restore last 3D dialog window position                             
    - Do not show whisper history window while a fullscreen application is running.
    - Enable and disable 3D sound didn't work properly                             
    - Temporary 3D settings no longer get lost when clicking apply                 
    - Discard/Cancel/Apply when 3D setup has changes and dialog close was requested
    - All positions in 3D setup will be resetted when dialog is just closed        
    * Replaced end of chat history marker as QTextEdit has a problem displaying    
      <hr> properly.                                                               
    - Fixed channel and client chat not reloading properly when connecting to a    
      different server on the same tab.                                            
    + Added country display for clients to the info area and optional in the tree. 
      Displaying flags in the tree is disabled by default and can be toggled in the
      Designs options page.                                                        
    - Fixed a bug where 3D ini was cleared completely instead of current server uid
    - Positions in 3D setup will also be saved when 3D sound is not enabled        
    - Fixed enabling 3D caused some sort of lag                                    
    - Fixed avatar not reloading properly when connecting twice to the same server.
    - Fixed channel description images not updating properly.                      
    + Added context menu to delete an item at select client in 3D setup            
    - A couple of 3D setup bugfixes when positioning the items                     
    + Added "Activate Microphone" to servertab contextmenu.                        
    - Fixed options dialog not opening properly from the invalid playback/capture  
      device warning dialog on login or from whisper history window.               
    + In 3D setup, the 3D positions of clients can be arranged for server- and     
      channel groups or also for channel commanders                                
    - Fixed filetransfer crash when download folder does not exist and the file    
      will be transferred to $HomeDir but the file is already there.               
    ! Support for dynamic loading of third-party Lua scripts. Scripts should be    
      put into subdirectory of plugins/lua_plugin and must have a file init.lua.   
      For details see the example testmodule.                                      
      File custom.lua was moved to testmodule/demo.lua                             
    ! Plugin API version increased to 6, added getDirectories() helper function.   
    - Autosubscribe on login will not overwrite expand channel settings            
    - Updater now only shows the messagebox warning about still running client when
      starting manually. If starting automatically, silently wait until the client 
      has quit.                                                                    
    - Fixed Delete-group shortcut using focus of complete permissions windows.     
    - Adjusted whisper reply to support multiple whisper reply keys via multiple   
      hotkey profiles.                                                             
    - Fixed whisper replies creating "ghost" profiles in hotkey setup dialog.      
    - Fixed that channel spacer can cause a client crash                           
    - Fixed server and channel group menus adding empty menus at the end           
    - Connect dialog now accepts empty port fields, in this case the default port  
      is used.                                                                     
    - (Un)subscribing channel family will include the parent channel on which the  
      action was triggered.                                                        
    ! New mechanism to locate files from within qss files using the "url" command: 
      Instead of "styles/<my_style>/<my_file>" use "styles:<my_style>/<my_file>".  
      Check default.qss and bluesky.qss as example. This change is required so the 
      images are found when starting the client using a non-standard working       
    + Added "center selected" to setup 3D                                          
    - Added optional new channel commander icon displayed as client icon instead of
      replacement lamp. The behaviour can be changed in Options/Design.            
    - Removed client-side checks for b_virtualserver_servergroup_list and          
    + Reply to an offline message has been improved                                
    + Fixed delete multiple offline messages                                       
    - Removed client-side checks for  b_virtualserver_servergroup_list and         
      b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list, those permissions were meant for          
      ServerQuery usage.                                                           
      Menuitem for opening the channelgroups of client dialog now checks           
      b_virtualserver_channelgroup_client_list instead.                            
    + Offline messages new/reply window will save and restore its geometry         
    + Offline messages are sorted by date (default)                                
    + Added options from MainWindow context menu to Option Dialog                  
    - Added notice to chat and client log when own client description was changed. 
    - Fixed quotes in hotmessage dialog.                                           
    - Fixed unread offline messages count could be wrong                           
    - Fixed offline messages reply window didn't open                              
    + Added 'DEL' key to delete offline messages                                   
    + Offline messages can be marked as read/unread                                
    + Added server name in title of offline messages window                        
    - Fixed banlist adds nickname into ban after clicking reload                   
    + Added "Find client in channel tree" to client contextmenu in text chat (only 
      available if channel of client is subscribed)                                
    - Fixed offline ban adds nickname                                              
    + Overhaul of the offline messages sorting abilities                           
    + Added options from ServerStatusWidget to Option Dialog                       
    - Fixed deleting all identities at once                                        
    - Whisper history widget updates entries when client changed its nickname      
    - Fixed offline message reply can get sender wrong                             
    - Fixed receiving whisper not being properly block when sender was added or    
      removed from contacts.                                                       
    - Fixed microphone can't be activated on active tab when capture profile was   
    - Added options dialog to customizable toolbar                                 
    - Lua plugin: Removed some unused or non-useful callbacks from ts3events.lua   
    - Fixed problem when closing the last tab via "X" while "close all but this"   
      isn't ready yet. The tabs were no longer able to play sounds.                
    - Fixed that G15-Plugin affect main-toolbar/taskbar icon                       
    - Unmute clients when they come into view and were previously muted but        
      meanwhile been deleted from contacts.                                        
    - Fixed that lua affect main-toolbar/taskbar icon                              
    - Fixed closing client volume window which did not properly reset to the old   
    - When hovering icons in server tree, the tooltips have to be displayed escaped
    * Apply local muted state from contacts list when receiving a whisper          
    * Attempt to apply volume modifier from contacts list when receiving a whisper,
      however this can currently be only applied when the whispering client is     
    - Fixed that collected URLs search filter is case-insensitive                  
    - Fixed collected URLs date sorting                                            
    - Fixed host button disappearing when another tabs disconnect/reconnect        
    - Fixed copy privilege key to clipboard which was limited to key column        
    - Fixed downloading subfolders via filebrowser where files ended in wrong path 
    + Added new default_vista.qss to fix the bookmark manager toolbar buttons hover
      for Windows XP                                                               
    - Disabled toolbar client actions on ServerQuery clients                       
    - Disable identity security spinbox while improve operation is in progress     
    - Fixed tab order for offline messages dialogs                                 
    - Fixed whisper to Groups will reset to default settings in the whisper list   
    + Added context menu "ban" in client database list viewer                      
    * -localconfig and -homeconfig commandline parameters now only available on    
    - Fixed Qt style other than default not loading properly on Linux.             
    - Properly select new group after adding new server/channel permission group   
    - Pass UTF-8 strings from and to plugin.                                       
    - Depending on the different webbrowsers, a ts3server link could have a "/"    
      behind the host part after crop, which lead to "Unable to resolve ..."       
    - Fixed invitation link with a channelpass was not build correct               
    + The 'DEL' key can now be used to delete a whisper list                       
    - Fixed that "Away on this server" depends on amount of servers                
    - Fixed permission confirm-delete-group-dialog group name                      
    - Fixed another crash when removing a whisper list                             
    - Whisper history window now longer automatically raises, interferred with     
      fullscreen games.                                                            
    - Fixed editing a hotkey could probably crash if action type is "none"         
    + When using an invitation, its url will be written to client log (scp request)
    - Whisper dialog got a rework and does not longer contain tabs (WIP)           
    - Fixed a bug in whisper dialog, where comboboxes are not cleared when         
      selecting another server                                                     
    - We now use a slightly different approach to handle file browser drag and     
      drop. If some users still can't drag and drop into file browser, a warning   
      text will be added to clientlog                                              
    - New lines in welcome message from server are now respected by client         
    - Fixed some typos in whisper dialog                                           
    - Fixed showing a previously selected identity when identity changes while     
      bookmark manager is still open                                               
    - Fixed drawing a spacer as subchannel where its name should be shown as text  
    - Fixed bad whitespace characters when passing chat messages to plugins        
    - Don't include template and serverquery groups in client server/channelgroup  
      context menu                                                                 
    * Display filename if automatic (icons, images etc.) filetransfer failed       
    + Added serverlist to connections menu displaying a list of registered servers 
    - There was a typo at the special spacers. It has to be -.. instead of --.     
      To have them all again: "---,...,-.-,___,-.."                                
    - Removed Mac TTS assert which might fire when exiting the client              
    - Close permissions window when disconnecting from server                      
    - Fixed banner reappearing from cache when a banner got deleted and previously 
      an interval was defined.                                                     
    * stop_talking.wav soundfile moved from soundpack to global sounds location    
    - Fixed duplicate clients in servergroup permissions window                    
    + Collected URLs now also search for "Mentioned By"                            
    * Added reload button in Privileges Key Manager                                
    * Changing the nickname in the contacts manager now requires a Return or click 
      on the apply button (the green arrow) to apply the changes, to avoid sorting 
      the list with every typed character.                                         
    * The server/channel groups in "add privileges key" are now sorted             
    + Added context menu entry on server/channel groups to create a privilege key  
    + Added permission help window  to permissions window to view information about
      the currently selected permission. Also allows searching over all permissions
      name, description and information. Right-click on the search result list     
      to find the selected permission in the permissions tree.                     
    * Prevent empty identity name in Identity Manager. Empty identity names would  
      force bookmarks to use the default identity.                                 
    * An identity which is still connected to a server can no longer be removed    
    + Added right-click contextmenu to bookmarks. Behaviour on a bookmark menuitem 
      is: Left click = connect, middle click = connect in new tab, right click =   
      open contextmenu.                                                            
    + If adding a client via permissions to servergroup fails, you will be asked to
      create an invitation.                                                        
    * Show window close button in Mac setup wizard                                 
    * Rewrote ts3server:// parser to handle some special cases like '?', '\' or '&'
      in the link parameters. Note: If you have a '&' or '\' in a channel name,    
      it needs to be escaped as '\&' or '\\' or be converted in percent encoding   
      like automatically done by the Invite Buddy dialog.                          
    - Fixed a few more translation issues with hotkey setup                        
    * Changed contacts manager sort order: Friends first, then blocked, last       
      neutral. Within each type sort alphabetically.                               
    - Added new notification settings for playing sounds while output muted        
    - Fixed switching sort clients above/below channels options while connected    
    - Fixed selection issue in contacts manager when editing nicknames, thanks to  
      -{HGH}-GEN.Skylab for the report                                             
    - Automatically close permission tabs when reconnecting to a server and the    
      required permissions are missing                                             
    + Bookmarks now realize change or deletion of identity                         
    + Added individual (optional) phonetic nickname to contacts, overwriting       
      existing clients phonetic nickname.                                          
    * Contacts manager UI overhaul                                                 
    - Close clients list window when the associated servertab gets closed to avoid
      a possible crash.
    - Fixed a case when client window won't show up
    - Added invite buddy redirection
    - Fixed autoreconnect to current channel instead of default channel if current
      channel was renamed in the meantime
    - Fixed self-activating VAD when just switching through the options settings
      while whispering
    - Prevent edit channel and create subchannel dialog to be opened for the same
      channel at the same time
    - Changed the little whisper indicator from blue to red
    - Bookmarks, which autoconnect on startup are now shown bold
    - Fixed many fields which were wrong interpreted when containing html
    - Previously html- escaped server/channel groups have to be displayed unescaped
    - Added limitation for Away Preset Name
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    thanks. really liking the clients country flag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azzy101 View Post
    thanks. really liking the clients country flag.
    Yes it's a cool feature. If you like you can even show it next to every client in the tree view, the option is at Settings->Options->Design->[x]Display country flag on clients
    You think my answer is stupid ? Read This:

    In a world without fences and walls - who needs windows and gates ?

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    Updated and works fine!

    I like the Flags to. Nice Work!

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    Germany, Bremen
    Thanks. Works fine.

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    The swiss flag looks strange (has not the same width), but a nice new feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    + Added permission help window  to permissions window to view information about
      the currently selected permission. Also allows searching over all permissions
      name, description and information. Right-click on the search result list     
      to find the selected permission in the permissions tree.
    That is great, good work, I'm not always sure what which permission really does.

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    Just wanted to drop by and let you know that this is awesome! All of the changes I have long since waited for are finally implemented, with additions such as copying server and channel groups, which was giving me headaches before when I did it all manually. Thank you so much for this, much appreciated!

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    Finding it impossible to update, tried several times. If I download & install the client will I lose any settings?

    Edit: the client must have read this post!!! Update went smoothly after posting

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    Seems this 'Web Server List' feature is popular, keep getting a 'Too many requests...' error

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    Thank you for fully reimplementing Channel commander

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    I updated my TeamSpeak 3 client today when prompted, and when i try to connect to my server the client crashes ):

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    Gießen, Germany

    here the same effect. TS3 crash after start.

    Edit: After Reinstall TS3 runs perfectly.

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    It would be good that I could choose a country flag. Instead of automatically, from IP.

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    all the prior versions have been very stable for me, on windows 64 bit.

    this client has crashed about 10 times today. it keeps locking up, where i cant even see the window. have to go to task manager, kill the process, then relaunch.

    the only thing different from before; i deinstalled the program, then reinstalled it with one changed option; location of configurations files - they used to be in the install folder, now they are in the user data area. cant see how that might affect it, but thats the one change.

    fyi; i dont see any crash logs, but im not sure where to look for them.

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