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    Admin Permission

    Hi guys my englisch isnt very well but i try my best. Today i updatet my ts3 server. There is one 250 and a 50 Slot. The SA of my 50 slot tsserver say to my that he can change the server settings. the max slot up to 250, he can start/stop this server, edit name and so on, after the update. i joined this server and change the permission. i removed the heels. But he has the same permissions like a and can set the heels again and change permission.
    How can i permit that he can change permissions witch i set. Can i remove the hole permission for serveradmins to change the virtuell server seetings.

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    Some of those permissions have a GRANT power of 75. If you remove them and then change the GRANT to 100 (admin query) he will no longer be able to add them back.

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    Or just remove the GRANT value. In either way it should work.

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