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    Solved [Solved] Server Query only for 1 Server


    sorry if this has mentioned before or if this is the wrong forum section, but i couldn`t a straight answer to this.
    Is it possible to create a ServerQuery Login for one specific Virtual Server only? If i connect to eg server 1, go to Extras -> Server Query Login and create a new server query user. Now i can login into server query with the new user. But i can get infos for eg Virtual Server 3 aswell when i use "use 3 channellist". Is there any way just to create a user for one specific server? So that e.g the command "use 3" result in an error?

    Hope you can understand what i`m talking about.

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    So what you are asking is if a client goes to TOOLS->SERVER QUERY LOGIN and gets a query password if there is a way to limit their query power to only that specific virtual server?

    My understanding was this is exactly what this option was for but I really haven't played around with it.

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    When you create a new query login, this query account have the same permission that the user group.

    If you are in server admin group the query login have the same permission

    If you are in Admin Query group the query login have the same permission (like serveradmin account)

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    Yes that is what i`m talking about. Ok i tested some things again and with the newly created serverquery login on server 1 you can use commands like "serverlist" and you can eg get the channel and clienstlist of another virtual server by using something like "use 3 channellist" . But you can`t stop other virtual server`s, it will result in an Client Permission Error. And you cant stop your own virtual server, it will result in this warning: "error id=1030 msg=unable\sto\sstop\sown\sserver\sin\syour\sconne ction\sclass".
    Would be good if you just can`t get channel and clientlist`s of other`s virtualservers or that you can`t see how many virtualserver`s exists.

    EDIT: Ahh okay i saw your post "florian_fr40" to late. It`s making sense. So the rights are depending on which right group you are in.

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