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    canada, you ?

    multiple users for 1 person

    ok so i just updated my Team speak 3

    i run windows 7

    i had run TS 3. and then went to click on the
    icon on the taskbar that i have pinned there
    instead of the blue circle icon in the lower left

    and it re-launched TS 3
    and i was in the TS server twice

    i was in there with

    then i was curious and clicked on the pinned icon
    to make it go "unhighlighted" then re-clicked it re-ran the TS client again

    so i was in the TS 3 server with

    and they all worked. i could take and receive messages
    with an echo of course


    i think its a bit of a glitch there

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    You can forbid that behaviour by setting i_client_max_clones.

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    I wouldn't call this a glitch. If you are disconnected (i.e. you lose net connection) and then reconnect too quickly TS doesn't realize you left yet so you get a 1 appended to your name. Same happens if you join the same server with the same identity twice.

    As Baraan said, use the permission i_client_max_clones to limit this if you do not want this to happen.

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