Hi there

I'm currently struggling to get my headset working with TS3. Whenever i start the program, playback is always coming from my Dell 1555 built-in speakers instead of my analog headset. In playback options there is only one device present. Every time i want to hear my fellow players on the headphones, i have to go to Windows Control Panel and make my headset a default device and then start the program, although this messes up settings in other applications such as my music player or Skype. The same goes for Microphone, but TS3 always use my headset mic instead of built-in one, so it's not really a problem Still, kinda strange.

Both headphones and speakers have the same name in settings of other programs, could it be that TS3 ignores several devices that share the same name? Skype shows something like
"Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)"
"Speakers (High Definition Audio Device) (2)"
but in TS there is only the first one present. The same goes for Mic.
How to make it so TS will chose my headphones instead of speakers?

Thanks for any help.