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    Speakers/Headphone & Microphone Disabled

    Hi, I hope this is not just something I have overlooked but I have attempted to look through the forums and a few of the video tutorials ....

    When I connect to some TS3 servers I cannot hear or speak on any channel.
    When connecting to public TS everything is fine and I can hear and talk.

    But other servers I can't talk or hear on. They show the icon next to my name as being red with a cross through it and if I click on my name and look at the large viewing pane to the right and scroll to the bottom, it says my speakers/headphones are disabled, and that my microphone is disabled.

    Is this something to do with the Server's permission system and do I need a permission to remove these restrictions?

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    Do you have a capture/playback profile selected?

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    only the default ones ... i dont have any different profiles and use the same default setting in public TS where i can hear/talk as i have in the server's where i can't hear/talk.

    Its ok the problem is now solved. You have to manage each bookmark seperately and set up the profile using default setting every time you add a new bookmark !!!!!

    This seems a bit silly. Surely when you add a bookmark, the DEFAULT PROFILE sould be loaded automatically?
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