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    How to give permission for server querry acces for single SID

    Hey, i want to let the people that are using my services to login to a website admin and check everything on their server, but the only way i can give server query acces that i have found out so far is Admin Server Query (2).

    which gives access to all the servers and full access to delete and create servers, is there any way to set a query permission to allow them to only remove users/ see who's online/ create permissions / send message / create keys ect ect from the web panel

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    You have a way with this post :

    (Search function or documentation )

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    in that link "(TS3 client=>ServerQuery login)"

    when using that all the information is blank and shows no server not even the one his suppost to be logged into

    when i get time ill make another reply with screenshots

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